Michael John Ryan plays famous Violin https://www.michaeljohnstringquartet.com/apps/photos/ Michael John Ryan plays famous Violin Michael John Plays 1916 Rising Joseph Mary Plunkett's Violin Well known Tipperary Town violinist Michael John Ryan had the great honour recently as he was asked to be the first person ever in over one hundred years to play the violin belonging to Irish Nationalist, poet, journalist and executed leader of the 1916 Rising Joseph Mary Plunkett. Michael John Ryan played a soulful rendition of ?The Old Slievenamon? on Joseph Mary Plunketts? own precious newly refurbished violin. He played it at the beginning of a County Tipperary Ryan Youth Orchestra?s Concert in the Gael Scoil Thiobraid Arann to a packed audience. Michael John spoke of the significance of this violin as Joseph Mary Plunkett was the last person to play this violin, it was given to the Museum in Sean Treacy Memorial Swimming pool where is was on exhibition until its recent refurbishment. Michael John thanked Mr. Frank Begley for this once in a life time honour. The violin was carefully taken from this Gael Scoil Concert to a reception in Tipperary Town https://www.michaeljohnstringquartet.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=205164164 205164164